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The Media Complaints Committee (MCC) received a complaint from ZANU PF Youth League LeaderPupuraiTogarepi over an article published by The Standard on 20th August 2017 headlined, “Zanu PF Bigwigs in Tribal Storm”.

Mr.Togarepi complained that in the article he was quoted as having said, “MuMasvingomaitamagonyearimumaonde and they must be crushed (In Masvingo we have worms in fruits and they must be crushed)”. He argued that he never uttered the statement attributed to him at any point and that there is no evidence to the effect that he uttered these words.

He argued that the statement was malicious on his political reputation and did not reflect his views in any way.

He therefore was demanding an apology and retraction from The Standard newspaper.

Status: Resolved

The Standard newspaper on 3 September 2017 issued a retraction of the allegations and apologised to the complainant.

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