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Lupane State University Vice Chancellor, Professor Pardon Kuiparegistered his complaint with the MCC over an article published on 23 October 2017 by the website Bulawayo24.com headlined, “Lupane residents unhappy with LSU Vice Chancellor”.

ProfessorKuipa raised the following issues in his complaint:

·         That contrary to the story, Lupane State University Campus at Lupane has adequate water supplies, sanitation, infrastructure and electrical power supplies

·         That contrary to the article he only moved 350 students out of 3000 students from Bulawayo to Lupane

·         That he has not bedded 15 women from Lupane district as claimed in the story and he finds this claim to be the most damaging part of the article that is also intended to cause alarm and despondency among the conservative Lupane community

·         That contrary to the impression lcreated in the article that he was relieved of his duties, he is still Caretaker Commission of the Lupane Local Board.


The complainant is therefore demanding a retraction as he is aggrieved that the story is false, malicious and has potential to cause irreparable damage to his reputation and dignity.


Status: Partially Resolved

The editor of the online site advised that Bulawayo24.com had pulled down the story from the website and further made a commitment to give Professor Kuipa an opportunity to air his side of the story so as to clear any misconceptions that may have arisen as a result of the “offending” article. 

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